Interlock Repair

Interlock Repair

We are one of the select interlock repair and restoration companies in Ottawa.

Over the year’s interlock surfaces can become overtaken with weeds in their joints or uneven in areas due to our harsh winters in Ottawa.

As soon as uneven areas are noticed or weeds are creeping into joints, it is best to get it repaired as soon as possible.

As time goes on, water pools in lower uneven areas, causing more damage every year. We offer a few restoration options depending on your specific situation. Our services will give your old tired looking interlock an instant facelift!

Interlock repair

Interlock Re-laying

Steps are a crucial component in most front yard landscapes. Crumbling, loose or uneven steps can be an accident waiting to happen. Each step repair project is different. What we would recommend depends on the existing base and installation. Poor installation leads to a lot of premature failure of interlock steps and landings.


  • Lift up the interlock, clean and set aside.
  • Grade and compact gravel sub-base.
  • Install and grade new bedding layer.
  • Lay interlock in existing layout/pattern.
  • Install edge-restraint if required.
  • Install polymeric joint sand.

Interlock Step Repair

Interlock relaying is a process where we lift up all existing interlock, clean it, level and compact the gravel base, screed a new bedding layer and relay interlock to the correct grade and slope. This process brings your old looking interlock back to life. Interlock repair in Ottawa is one of the specialty services we offer.


  • Lift up the interlock and steps, clean and set aside.
  • Install and grade new bedding layer.
  • Lay interlock and steps in the existing layout.
  • Glue step units.
  • Install polymeric joint sand.

Polymeric Joint Sand Restoration

Have weeds taken over your interlock? Tired of picking them out every season? We have the right solution for this. Our process makes your interlock look brand new and doesn't allow for any weed growth due to the polymeric joint sand acting as a barrier for weeds. If there are any uneven pavers, we can also correct them at this time. Get in touch today and let's take back your interlock space.


  • Blast out all interlock joints with a pressure washer specialty head and remove debris.
  • Allow the interlock to dry.
  • Sweep in new polymeric joint sand and wet to activate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The interlock repair process starts with an initial consultation and pricing. Once everything is a go we come out to repair the interlock. This process includes lifting and cleaning existing interlock, compacting the existing base, screeding a new setting bed at correct height, then finally re-installing the interlock with new polymeric joint sand and new edge restraint if required.

Repaired interlock can last as long as or longer than the original installation. A lot depends on the depth and quality of the base.

Usually repairing interlock is much more affordable than installing new. However, in some cases depending on the site and size of the project it will make sense to go with a new installation.

Depending on the extent of the sinking or unevenness, one area can be re-done. However, if it is severe, the whole area needs to be redone.

Yes, it is possible to do a new base and use existing interlock. Usually it is better to do new interlock because of the extra labour it takes to lift and set aside existing interlock as opposed to taking it out with a machine.

There is no warranty on sinking over time as we did not install the base and it is a repair.


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