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Grading, Drainage, and Soil Preparation

We offer grading for a variety of situations to help keep the water flowing away from your most important asset, your home.

A poor grade can cause issues such as; ponding/pooling, foundation issues, uneven walking surfaces, or attract mosquitoes due to sitting water. No one wants any of these issues. We can help with correcting your entire property grade to ensure proper drainage, or select areas that are in need of a re-grade. We also offer hydroseeding as a new lawn solution. Hydroseeding grows stronger roots, maintains a durable lawn and is also more cost effective than sod installation.

If you want a new lawn and have good quality soil already, that needs to be regraded, we can help with soil preparation. For soil preparation, we harley rake the entire lawn and regrade to the correct grade. You can then install regular grass seed, sod or have us hydroseed for a new lawn. Check out our harley rake below in action.

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