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Effective Grading Solutions for your Home's Drainage Needs in Ottawa

A poor grade can cause issues such as; ponding/pooling, foundation issues, uneven walking surfaces, or attract mosquitoes due to sitting water. We can help with correcting your property grading to ensure proper drainage, or select areas that are in need of a re-grade. We also offer hydroseeding as a new lawn solution. Hydroseeding grows stronger roots, maintains a durable lawn and is more cost effective than sod installation.

  • Lot Grading
  • Re-Grading
  • Harley Rake Regrade / Soil Preparation
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Lot Grading In Ottawa

Lot grading is a crucial step in new construction. Determining proper grade based on the grading plan is key to ensure proper drainage and a beautiful new lawn. We have experience in large complete lot grading projects for new construction as well as smaller grading of existing lots.

Re-Grading In Ottawa

If you have a negative grade, where water is going into your foundation, uneven lawn surfaces or need to establish a new grade for your yard, we can help. These types of issues are best addressed immediately to prevent future foundation or basement water issues.

Grading in ottawa

Harley Rake Regrade / Soil Preparation

If you want a new lawn and have good quality soil already, that needs to be regraded, we can help with soil preparation. For soil preparation, we harley-rake the entire lawn and regrade to the correct grade. This process pulverizes your existing lawn and fluffs soil perfectly to the correct grade. You can then install regular grass seed or have us hydroseed for a new lawn. Check out our harley-rake below in action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lot grading refers to the shaping and leveling of the land on a property to ensure proper drainage. It involves manipulating the slope and elevation to direct surface water away from buildings and towards appropriate drainage systems.

The grading process starts with an initial consultation, site assessment, and pricing. Once everything checks out, we start the process of regrading the lawn with new soil or use the existing soil if possible. We always top coat the final grade with high quality nutrient dense soil to ensure a healthy lawn grow.

We use precise technology that measures the grade, ensuring correct slopes to run that water away from your house.

Smaller sites can be done in one day, while larger ones may take two days.

Signs of improper lot grading include water pooling around the foundation, basement flooding, soil erosion, and uneven settling of structures. If you notice these issues, it's important to address them promptly to prevent further damage.


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