Ottawa Hydroseeding

Ottawa Hydroseeding

Need a new lawn but don't want to wait for traditional seed or spend a fortune on sod installation?

Hydroseeding is a cost-effective solution that achieves 3” of growth in 2-3 weeks time. Hydroseeding is more of a guarantee than traditional bagged seed and a fraction of the cost of sod. Generally hydroseeding takes 5-6 weeks to become stable enough to walk on.

  • Fast Growth
  • Cost Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Durable Lawn Solution
Hydroseeding work

Why Choose Us?

We are a select premium hydroseeding contractor in Ottawa that offers hydroseeding as well as soil preparation along with it. Many contractors only offer hydroseeding spraying services. We offer start to finish hydroseeding solutions for residential and commercial clients.

If your soil is graded and prepared already, we can help with hydroseeding spraying only. Get in touch with us today through our quote form below with your hydroseeding area size and pictures of the area for an instant quote.

What’s In Hydroseeding?
Hydroseeding Slurry Mix:

Hydroseeding in ottawa

Hydroseeding Services Ottawa

  • New Lawn Hydroseeding​
  • Lawn Repair Hydroseeding
  • Clover Lawn Hydroseeding

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hydroseeding is a seeding technique that involves a mixture of grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, tackifier and water. This slurry mixture is sprayed onto the prepared soil surface for a new lawn.

The hydroseeding process starts with an initial consultation and pricing. Once everythings a go we come out to prepare the soil and spray on the hydroseeding mixture. If soil is already prepared, we will come out to spray hydroseeding for a new lawn.

Yes , there are a few different types of seed you can choose from. Typically for residential applications we use a standard Ottawa blend that is formulated for the Ottawa region. Other speciality mixes can be done, however they come at a premium cost as the mix would be custom to your project. Special mixes may include; native grass blends, clover blends or custom mixes for a desired type of lawn (kentucky blue, fescue, native grass, etc.).

Hydroseeding offers faster germination, better seed-to-soil contact, and uniform coverage. The success rate is much higher because of the moisture retention and nutrients the mixture provides. It is efficient for small and large areas, reduces erosion and provides a cost-effective solution for quickly establishing a new lawn.

Hydroseeding will establish your lawn's roots right into your native soil providing a healthier more durable lawn. Hydroseeding also requires a fraction of the watering sod does, because of its ability to retain moisture. Hydroseeding is a more environmentally friendly solution.

Typically you can expect to see the first signs of germination within 7 to 14 days after hydroseeding. You will see around 3-4 inches of growth after 3 weeks, however it may take another 2 weeks to become thick and lush.

Yes, hydroseeding is a great option for slopes and erosion control, the mulch in the mix helps prevent washout from rainfall.

Hydroseeding requires much less labor and material making it a fraction of what sod costs.

Early spring is usually the best time to hydroseed. In hot summer months the mixture will be more prone to drying out, you can still hydroseed in these times, you may just have to water it more frequently. The fall is also a great time to hydroseed.

We recommend staying off the lawn as much as you can for the first month. Light foot traffic will not affect it so much if you have to, just don't have a party on it yet.

Regular watering, fertilizing, and applying grass seed in thinner areas (if any), will ensure a thick and healthy lawn for years to come. Our new lawn maintenance schedule will lay out the best practices for establishing and maintaining your new lawn.


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