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Q: How should I prepare my work area for a landscaping project?

A: Please make sure there are no foreign objects, pets or obstructions in the work area. Most equipment requires a path that is at least 6 feet wide and a turning radius of 9 feet. We also have compact equipment that is able to fit in between a 32 inch gate. 

Q: Do you give free estimates?

A: We provide free estimates on all of our services! 

Q: Are there standard prices for your services?

A: Every job is different. We put together a custom estimate for your project based on its particular scope and details. We don’t ballpark estimates; we put the time and effort to provide you with an accurate estimate, every time. 

Q: What types of excavation projects do you work on?

A: Murray Landscaping is available for residential and commercial projects, small and large in the Ottawa area. We offer services such as: excavation, asphalt driveways, septic tank installations and concrete services to name a few.

Q: When is it best to apply fertilizer and grass seed?

A: Lawns should be fertilized in May with a balanced fertilizer, as well as July with a balanced fertilizer that has a slow release. “Apply a fertilizer low in Nitrogen and higher in Phosphate and Potassium to increase winter hardiness (optional).”  Patch seeding and over-seeding can be done in May as well as September. More lawn care information can be found in the link below.

Q: What areas do you serve for lawn cutting and snow removal?

A: For our lawn and snow service plans you can see our map coverage in their own personal categories under Maintenance>Summer>Lawn care service map. For winter services, you click Maintenance>Winter>Snow removal service map.

All other services on our site such as excavation, landscaping, fencing can be done within Ottawa city limits.

Q: What equipment do you use to remove snow?

A: We use lots of different sized equipment to suit every property’s needs. Such as plow trucks, backhoes, loaders, skid steers, snow blowers and even plastic shovels for our walkway division.

Q: Do you have a seasonal snowfall limit? What happens when it is reached?

A: Our seasonal snowfall contract limit is 250cm or April 1st for residential clients. For commercial clients, our contract is also for 250cm but ends on April 15th. As stated in the contract, when this limit is reached for residential clients it is $4/cm + hst for driveway plowing. For commercial clients, a price per cm specific to each property is established prior to season starting. This extended service is not mandatory for the client. The client must let us know upon hitting the limit, or service will continue and client will be charged as stated in contract agreement.


Q: When do your lawn care service plans start and end, how frequently do you come?

A: Lawn care plans start May 1st and end Nov 1st. We mow grass every week to ensure perfection all month long. We do not mow If lawn is dried out or shorter than 7-8cm “, as it will damage the lawn. During a drought we will monitor grass heights and often touch up spot growth to keep the lawn looking clean. Refer to this link: for more info on lawn care and maintenance tips.

Q: What is your repair policy in regards to property damage caused by snow plowing equipment?

A: A: Our operators are trained to get all properties plowed efficiently with no damage. However, should there be any damage to a property we will return in April after all snow is melted to rectify the problem (unless an urgent emergency). Our office staff or operators should report any damage directly to you at the time of the incident. This applies to any damage done by Murray Landscaping during the snow plowing season. 

Q: How many centimeters are required for operators to get dispatched?

A: For residential accounts operators get dispatched when 5cm has fallen. All commercial accounts have a 2cm trigger. 

Q: Can you clear my lot or driveway on an “on call” basis?

A: Murray Landscaping offers on call 24/7 snow plowing in Ottawa. Commercial on call snow plowing costs vary by size of lot and have a $25.00 transportation fee. Residential driveway prices start at $40.00/per plow. Visit our get a get a quote page to receive a quote within 2 hours. 

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