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How to Take Care of Your Property With a Property Maintenance Service

How to Take Care of Your Property With a Property Maintenance Service

property maintenance OttawaA rental house fetches you a good income throughout your life. People look for those properties which are well maintained. Maintaining your property helps to detect problems at an early stage and save you from bigger expense in the future. As a professional property maintenance service provider located in Ottawa, we would tell you about how to keep your property in a good condition so that you can continue getting tenants without any difficulty.

A thorough inspection of water damage and leaks

This should be done after a heavy rainfall, dust storm, after the melting of ice and snow and in arid and humid climates when pipes begin to sweat. This includes a close inspection of the soft corners of the ceilings, roofs, and walls.  Check for any possible signs of water in the windows, toilets, and showers. Locate any damage in the sinks, boilers, and water heaters. It is urgent to identify a water logging as it destroys walls, ceilings and other valuables in the house and may lead to the formation of harmful mold.

Check the grout on the floor and caulking in the shower pipe

As time passes, the material used between the lines of the tiles might crack and the shower tube caulk could be loosened. This might cause the water to pass through and damage the connected walls and floors. Once you notice any crack, you must quickly replace the grout and caulking to prevent potential water damage.

Keep a regular check on the carbon monoxide and smoke detector

A monthly inspection of these devices is necessary as they are life-saving devices, and you should not delay in their inspection. If there is any leakage in the building you live in and these devices are found not in working order, you could face legal action. The average life of a carbon monoxide detector is 5 years and that of a smoke alarm is 10 years, and you must replace them when necessary.

Monthly pest inspection

Even if there is no insect existed in your house currently, you should get it done as prevention. This should be done on the whole house, not only in a few rooms as insects travel quickly from one place to another. Though you can manage this task all by yourself, yet it can be best done by a professional provider like us. This might cost you significant bucks, but it is better to spend on this if you do not want to lose tenants in the future.

Change the filter in your forced air systems

Changing the air filter in your heating air conditioner unit in an interval of 2 years will help you to save your energy bills. Because, dirty filters can cause the system to work harder, which means your AC will consume more electricity to function. It might cause the system to malfunction, and your power bill will go up. Also, a routine cleaning of the air duct is recommended to keep it free from pollution. You should keep special attention to this aspect because high utility bills will cause you to lose tenants. Cleaning of the duct and air filter is not a DIY task and for this, you must take help of a service provider like us who specializes in Residential property maintenance.

Check your water heater

The presence of sediments in municipal water supply could affect the efficiency of your water heater. After a long period of use, these sediments get stored in your water heater. To prevent this, you should drain your water heater one or two times a year.

Inspect the Gutters

Cleaning of the gutter is recommended at periodic intervals. The gutters can become clogged due to the deposition of leaves and other materials. If this happens, it may cause leakage and water may transfer to your property through the foundation, around the windows and the roof.

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