Excavation & Preparation 

We start by removing all existing turf/vegetation and bring the grade to the proper elevation. We then roto-till the entire area to loosen up the native soil. All excavated material is disposed of properly at a local waste facility. 


Then we install 2-3 inches of premium topdressing mix that gives your new lawn the nutrients it needs to grow and excel. We also ensure the yard is graded away from the house at a minimum 2% slope to allow water to drain away from the house. Area is then rolled with a roller for compaction. 

Laying Sod 

Our most satisfying step is installing high quality fresh cut sod from a local Ottawa sod supplier. Sod is laid in a staggered fashion to keep joints strong. New sod is cut to size around edges and obstacles. We then roll the sod with a roller to remove any air pockets or imperfections. 

Water & Maintenance Information  

Our final step is to water the sod for half an hour, immediate after the sod has been rolled. We supply the client with a water and maintenance schedule tailored to Ottawa’s climate for the best results. Following the maintenance schedules will protect your investment and keep your lawn happy and healthy. After two weeks, you are able to walk on the lawn. The first cut should be done around this time or when you notice significant growth over 3.5 inches. Cut the lawn at the highest setting on your lawn mower on the first cut or 3.5 – 4 inches. After the first cut, the following cuts should gradually bring the mower height down to 3 inches to maintain a healthy lawn. 


Start you summer off right with a brand-new lawn. 

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