Need a new lawn but don’t want to wait for traditional seed or spend a fortune on sod installation?

Hydroseeding is a cost effective solution that achieves 3” or growth in 2-3 weeks time. Hydroseeding is still 2-4 weeks slower for walk on time than sod but is more of a guarantee than traditional bagged seed. Generally hydroseeding takes 5-6 weeks to become stable enough to walk on. We are a select premium hydroseeding contractor in Ottawa that offers hydroseeding as well as soil removal and preparation along with it. 


  • Cost Friendly
  • Stronger Root System
  • Better On Slopes Than Grass Seed
  • Less Water Required Than Sod
  • More Durable Than Traditional Seed


  • Cannot Walk On Lawn For 5-6 Weeks 
  • Hand Picking Of Weeds; A Few Weeds Will Pop Up During Lawn Growth 
  • Longer Wait Time Than Sod 

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