Difference Between Lawn Care And Lawn Maintenance-Biggest Heck Of The Hour

Living in a capital city, homeowners in Ottawa put more emphasis on landscaping to make their home look perfect. This peaceful city in Southern Ontario offers entertaining, relaxing as well a pleasurable factors incredible scenic beauty and natural superiority. It is because of this reason that people want to get more relieving time by sitting in their lawn only. But this is also true that it takes too much time and effort to take proper care of the lawn without knowing some of the basic things, even in brief. For most of the households, lawn care and lawn maintenance are same, and they take these two on the same scales. Today, we will discuss some of the essential factors that differentiate these two with the help of this blog.

A brief idea about lawn maintenance

Lawn maintenance is entitled with keeping your lawn as well as outdoor property manicured and cleaned whole the year. Doesn’t matter, if it’s about preparing your lawn for the upcoming season or for any other essential need to help it to survive year-round, maintenance is always helpful for any of this. Regular lawn maintenance includes regular weeding and watering; weekly lawn mowing; cleaning the driveways, walkways, patio areas, etc.; spring cleaning and removing dead winter growth or debris; summer pruning of trees and shrubs, etc. But these maintenance works are not at all sufficient to keep your lawn lush and healthy. It needs additional care as well.

Ottawa lawn Care Company

What’s lawn care is all about

Although lawn maintenance is important, your lawn needs more to stay green. You need to be more committed to it. What’s needful to fulfill its requirements? You can call for professional lawn care companies to get it done properly. This is because lawn care is something you may not do it properly with unprofessional hands. They have all the experiences in providing it to you in professional ways. Some of the essentials about lawn care are as under:

  • Pest Control: Pest control is one of the most important things that come in lawn care. If you don’t protect the trees and shrubs in your lawn from pest, it will get destroyed after some time. Definitely it will then eat up the beauty of the lawn. Professionals do it in a better way so that the lawn will remain pest-free for a long time.
  • Application of fertilizers: If you want the plants of your lawn to grow in a healthy way, you should fertilize it properly by applying fertilizers on it. Moreover, it will also help the plants to have its greenery all year long. Professional lawn care companies have all the appropriate fertilizers’ collection with them suitable for different foliage.
  • Soil testing: You need to check the soil in a certain interval to ensure whether it has still the same fertility as earlier or you should take some additional care for this. This needs some gadgets that can measure the fertility of land. This can only be with a professional person.


There are many other things that are carried by professional lawn care companies only. Having years of experience in handling small, medium or large size lawns, our Ottawa lawn Care Company has acquired a vast idea on their differentiated requirements. Call us today to make your lawn perfect for all the year-long!

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