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Property Maintenance Tips During Snowfall

Property Maintenance Tips During Snowfall

Nowadays, people do not think twice before buying expensive winter wears such as coats, gloves, and other garments to keep their loved ones from the hazardous winter effects. But what about your property! Is your home ready for winters? The harsh climates and unfavorable weather condition during the winter season is the major reason why you should consider investing in property maintenance tips to avoid unnecessary damages to your belongings. For the best results, hire professional snow removal Ottawa services.

Do you know even a casual winter storm could cost you an arm and a leg? Wondering how? Well, it could cause as much as $1 billion in damages to your property. Worry not! Here we have come up with some crucial home maintenance tips to protect your property during snowfall or freezing climate. Let’s have a look:

Maintain your Gutters


Whether it is the heavy rainfall that is accompanied by the freezing climate or you reside in a region where snowfall isn’t a big deal, maintaining your gutters is an essential step to ensure the safety of your roof. It doesn’t take time for a clogged gutter to overflow and cause damage to the roof of your property. In such cases, you might either need to replace your roofing or fix the gutter. Either way, you are going to pay a hefty cost. Hence, make sure to keep a check on your gutter and drainage system every now and then.

snow removal

If you find any leakage or overflowing gutters, call the professional gutter cleaners right away and get the issue fixed before it deteriorates your entire roofing system. Get the most of reliable snow removal Ottawa services.

Inspect your Electrical System

With the freezing climate and heavy snowfall all over your place, the electrical system failure is probably the last thing you’ll want. Though checking the electrical system of your property isn’t a challenging task. It is advisable to call the electric inspection team and let them inspect your property thoroughly. If you are conducting an electrical inspection on your own, start with the multi-meter to observe the current power flow via the electrical circuit. Once done, check the wall sockets, wires, heating devices, and extension cords. If there’s an issue with the wiring or power flow of electricity, hire the professional electrician instantly (as this isn’t something you could attempt to fix on your own).

Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams (most commonly develops at your roof’s edge) aren’t unusual in the snowy climate, especially when there is heavy snowfall in your region. However, Ice dams do not let the melting snow drain properly, causing the liquid to leak through your roof. Such water leakages are one of the major reasons for the ceiling, walls, and insulation damages to your property.

Property Maintenance

The only way to avoid Ice dam formation is by maintaining the temperature at your roof same all throughout the winter season. Adding insulation and improving the ventilation system in your property could help you to keep the temperature at your roof stable.

Seal All The Leaky Windows and Doors

Do you observe any gap between the seals in your door while you close them? If yes, it is recommended to seal off the doors to prevent the access of cold air to your property. The leaky areas could be sealed using foam-tape which comes with sticky backing or the tubular rubber and silicone. Similarly, go through the windows and add new weather-stripping in the leaky areas.


So have you prepared your property for this winter? Are you ready to face the winter storm? If not yet, what are you waiting for? Follow these home maintenance tips and don’t let the freezing climate cause damage to your property. Get the most of reliable property maintenance Ottawa services.

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