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How to Maintain Your Lawn During Summers

How to Maintain Your Lawn During Summers

Summer means sunny weather and family gatherings/ activities that take place in the lawn area.  Heat waves, unpredictable rainfall, kids running, barbeque are some of the things your lawn has to face in summers. Here are some things which are a must for your lawn-maintenance in summers.


On an average, lawns require at least five cm of water every week to stay green and lively. This amount keeps varying depending on the weather and temperature. You have to maintain a balance and ensure that you do not drown it with too much water neither should you keep it dry during a heat-wave. A rain gauge can also be used for keeping a track of the amount of water received from rainfall. Most suitable time to water the plants is early in the day or late in the evening after the sun goes down to prevent evaporation caused by the hot sun.

Foot Traffic

The areas where a lot of foot traffic is seen in your lawn tend to wear and tear, specifically during hot and dry season. You can install stepping stones there to avoid damaging the grass and it will also let people know that they should not walk on the grass.


Taller grass is more drought-tolerant, grows deeper roots, and helps shade the earth, preventing weed seeds from growing. This is why it’s best to mow your grass at around three inches in the summer. Mulching grass clippings have the added benefit of keeping moisture levels steady. You should mow your grass routinely so that you don’t have to cut more than a third of the grass blade at a time. This keeps your grass healthier and it prevents the clippings from smothering the lawn.


If your lawn is struggling to look healthy in the midst of the summer heat, resist the urge to fertilize. It’s best to stop fertilizing about thirty days before the summer arrives. Using extra fertilizer to stimulate the growth in the summer will have the opposite effect. It can burn your lawn and create a flush of tender growth that will struggle during those hot summer days.

You should consider hiring a professional lawn care company like Murray Landscaping to help you with the summer maintenance of your lawn. They can help you keep your lawn luscious and green and aid you in treating or preventing problems that crop up in the summer months.  

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