3D Designs

Want to know exactly what your new space will look like?

The most accurate way to do this is through 3D design software. We offer 3D designs using Unilock Uvision software. This software allows us to add in every option imaginable. From interlock to pools to fire or water features to putting greens. Enjoy the benefit of knowing exactly what your new space will look like. Our designs always take into account your existing landscape, functionality of the space, aesthetics and your budget. We understand what order things in your yard should be done in. Our designers also have experience in the construction process and are very familiar with possible issues as well as product sizes, specifications and what is recommended for the space. 


Our Design Process

On Site Consultation

Our designer will visit your property to assess your project and any potential issues or restrictions due to building codes, budget or property layout/grading. We then start with your base concept or starting vision, whether it be a patio, pool, pergola, or deck. We then can add in various options such as; fire features, water features, lighting, outdoor kitchens and more. Our starting approach is to understand first what your needs are and then go from there. It is important to have a rough sketch and plan of the space prior to us arriving to help speed up the process and so we understand your primary goal. We gather all measurements when on site as well as note any possible problem areas. Together with the client we decide on an initial design and plan and get to work. From there, changes may be needed after the initial design.  

Concept Design Phase

Your initial design is done by our designer based on your specific wants and property. This design will have your material choices or if you are unsure, being experts in our field, we can recommend materials based on your home’s exterior and layout/size of your space. The initial design is a starting point and can be changed and altered to fit what you will fall in love with. Typically designs take anywhere from 7-14 hours to compete. This depends on the layout, complexity, amount of materials and amount of revisions. Smaller designs are typically around 4-7 hours in time to complete. Once we decide on your final design we then transfer it to a construction blueprint drawing. This will include all specific measurements and building processes as well as material specifications and everything we need to ensure a seamless installation. This process varies depending on project size and complexity, but typically takes between 3 – 6 hours. 

Construction Proposal

Once our design is down and construction drawing is complete, we can then finalize your proposal. Our proposals include an in-depth scope of work for each item, payment schedule and terms and conditions. 

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