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Residential property maintenance

Below is a list of all of our summer Residential property maintenance services offered to residential customers. We have the knowledge and the right equipment to get the job done efficiently.

Residential Services:

  • Residential lawn cutting
  • Core aeration
  • Spring & Fall cleanup
  • Over-seeding & Fertilization 
  • Topsoil, mulch, river rock and other custom applications
  • Interlock repairs and installation
  • Fence and Deck builds/repairs
  • Retaining walls
  • Gardens installs 
  • Sod Installation 
  • Asphalt sealing & crack repair
  • Gutter cleaning 
  • Pressure washing services
  • Tree/hedge trimming & removal
  • And more

Get the Best Residential Property Maintenance

We give various residential property maintenance bundles to our esteemed clients. Each is intended to enable our customers to keep their properties looking immaculate and lively. You select the grass care and support program that best suits your requirements, and we take it from that point. We give long-term garden  maintenance services to our private customers.

Our Lawn Care Program contains:

  • Late-winter  Manure for grass and also services to control weeds.
  • Pre-summer  Manure on the yard for greener shading and more grounded root system.
  • Summer  Manure for better shading and security against summer month heat.
  • Pre-fall  Manurefor a greener grassthat stays fit after the unpleasant warmth of summer.
  • Fall Manure for a stronger root system and greener color maintenance as winter approaches along with control of weeds.
  • Winterizer Manure connected to the yard as winter torpidity sets in, intended to sustain the root framework and ensure your grass can bear the harsh winter.

Why Choose Us?

With regards to choosing the correct group for your business or private yard care and arranging needs, Murray Landscaping is the right decision. We put stock in dependable stuff and are focused on our clients. We work with notoriety for demonstrable skill and greatness. You can have full trust in the magnificence of our landscaping administrations and in our capacity to serve you.


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